10. Micro-Enterprise Training on Safe Vegetable Production through Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Ecological Farming
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Society Development Committee (SDC) had emerged as a local non-governmental voluntary organization in 1988. From the very beginning SDC has been continuing its activities for overall economic and social development of the poverty-stricken disadvantaged section of society- particularly women, children and disabled. Recently SDC has attained the age of 34 years. Over the period it has gradually expanded its agenda of activities and operating accordingly through 83 branches in 2834 villages, 398 unions and 44 Upazilas of 14 districts. SDC has established network, linkage, collaboration and partnership with different local, national and international NGOs/donor agencies, different government institutions as well as different people’s organizations   and professional groups.


To establish an exploitation and poverty-free society, where justice, good governance, gender-equality and environment concerns will prevail.


Not relief, but release the potential of the disadvantaged rural communities by ensuring their active participation in resource management towards their sustainable socio-economic development.


To develop socio-economic status of the poor and extreme poor in view of poverty reduction and livelihood development through systemic management of resources with an emphasis of women empowerment.