Society Development Committee(SDC)


The model entrepreneur

Before, I been connected with SDC Agro Ltd, I was a homestead entrepreneur of 40years old named Halima Begum. I with my husband put extra effort continuously to produce vegetable alongside other crops to ensure year-round available food and sufficient money for my family. But the conventional technology that we adopted wasn’t that impactful which could ensure me quality vegetable production and financial return from our 25 decimal of land for vegetable farming. In March, 2021 I was enrolled as an active member of “Haludbaria vegetable producer’s group” an intervention of HSVC project operated by SDC Agro Ltd. with financial and technical assistance of USAID and Chemonix International. I imparted technical training on safe vegetable production and marketing provided by SDC Agro Ltd. through ISVC project. For the first time, I became knowledgeable of modern technology, GAP, traceability, Packaging, Intercultural practice and advance marketing for vegetable production. SDC Agro Ltd also tagged me with financial institution for easy A2F.This training had changed my attitude to vegetable production. I started focusing on quality and exceptionality of my product. In 2021 I get soft loan worth BDT50000 to start my vegetable venture. This time, I availed agri –inputs in time and at a lower price than before because I had to purchase inputs on credit. I spent total BDT26500 including inputs, bio-fertilizer and labors for cultivating bottle-gourd in 25 decimal land following GAP protocol. GAP including bio-pesticide and bio-fertilizer ensured safe and quality branding of my production. I ensured proper harvest and storage management of production before sent to buyers. For applying new technology and knowledge which I received from SDC Agro Ltd. factually added value to my product and I got highest price. Moreover, sell through collection point and sales points also ensured bulk sell that confirmed the sale of the last unit of my product. Throughout this season I earned net profit of BDT 32000 from my vegetable venture that made me capacitate to support my husband in family affairs and assist local vegetable farmers as a model one.