Society Development Committee(SDC)

Sector wise development activities through different ongoing projects

SL Project/ Program with Duration Objective Major Activities Donor Geographic location ( District & Upazila) Sector/Sub-sector
Increasing vegetable farmer’s income by introducing organic fertilizer produced from urban waste, sub project of (PACE) (Duration: June, 2021 to Dec, 2022)
To familiarize farmers with bio fertilizer use - To produce bio fertilizer at plant and entrepreneurs’ level from urban wastages - To familiarize farmers with safe and high-value vegetable cultivation - To create a wage-based employment opportunity for poor and ultra-poor people - To increase the overall income of the members
-Training on high value (HV) & safe vegetable, -Field demonstration on HV & safe vegetable, - Field demonstration on organic fertilizer preparation, -Safe and HV vegetable sell center, -Demonstration on Vermi compost Preparation, -Farmers Field day -Promotional & IEC materials distribution.
Faridpur: Faridpur Sadar, Boalmari,Alfadanga,Modhkhali,Rajbari: RajbariSador.
Agriculture (Vegetable), Training & Technology transfer,Market Development.
Increasing entrepreneurs’ income through Cultivation and marketing of high value spices following improved technique’ value chain project (Duration: June, 2021 to Dec, 2022)
To make easy availability of necessary materials (seeds, seedlings etc.) for high cost spice cultivation in the project area. - Accustom the farmers to cultivate high value spices on commercial basis. - Ensuring the sale of spices produced at high prices. - To create wage based employment for the poor and the extremely poor. - To increase the income of the members.
Training for Input supplier on input uses of HV spices, -Training on HV spices cultivation for farmers, -Exposer Visit, -Demonstration on HV spices cultivation at household level, -Soil testing, -Demo on Summer onion cultivation & seed production, -Farmers Field day, -IEC material development & distribution, -Market actors linkage '
Faridpur: Faridpur Sadar, Boalmari,Alfadanga, Modhukhali,
Rajbari: Rajbari Sadar.
Agriculture (Spices), Training & Technology transfer.
Commercialization of Bio- fortified Crops (CBC) (Duration: April, 2022 to Dec, 2022)
# Audio & Visual campaign for demand creation,
# Value chain actor linkage ,
# Seed production and multiplication,
# Aggregation Day campaign,
# Field Demonstration,
# Linkage among lead farmers, seed dealers, retailers and company, # ToT for SAAO,
# Nutrition Training, free feeding at orphanage and perception survey on bio- fortified rice consumption.
IFFRI/ Harvest Plus Bangladesh
Gopalgonj: Sadar, Kashiyani, Muksudpur.
Agriculture (Crops), Training & Technology transfer, Value Chain & Market Development.
Agriculture Value chain ( Crops), Training & Technology transfer, Value Chain & Market Development
Strengthening Resilience of Livestock Farmers through Risk Reducing Services (Duration: August, 2020 –Ongoing)
-Improve the capacity & knowledge to reduce morbidity & mortality rate ; -Encourage more investment in livestock Rearing ; -Improve the capacity & build knowledge of different stakeholders.
-Training on livestock farming (Cow and calf rearing, beef fattening), -Vaccination camp -Animal health service
Faridpur: Sadar,Sadorpur,Charvodrason,Vanga,Nagorkanda,Boalmari, Alfadanga Rajbari:Baliakandi,Sonapur,Jamalpur, Gopalganj: Kashiani Magura: Sadar
Livestock & Poultry, Training & Technology transfer
Water Credit Adaptation (Duration: Aug, 2021 to Ongoing)
To ensure safe drinking water, sanitation and personal hygiene for poor and ultra-poor
-Survey for technical & financial demand -Training for technical hands -Ensure technical service for WATSAN -Financial service
Water.Org/ INM
All Branch of SDC
Water & Sanitation, Financial Service
Enhancing Resources and increasing capacities of poor Households s towards Elimination of Their Poverty (ENRICH) (Duration: July, 2010 to Ongoing)
Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of the Poor Households towards Elimination of their Poverty
-Health Services -Education -Income Generating Activities (IGA) Loan Infrastructure Development -Beggar rehabilitation -Day Observation -Training
Faridpur: Boalmari
Livelihood, Health Service, Education, Social security & Rehabilitation, Training & Technology transfer
Agent Banking with Bank Asia (Duration: Oct, 2016 to Ongoing)
To maximize real-time banking service and support for customer
All sorts of banking service including utility and Govt. bills
Bank Asia
Bank/Financial Service
Compost Research and Training Center (CRTC) (Duration: Aug, 2016 to Ongoing)
To accelerate waste management by producing bio-fertilizer using human sludge and homestead
-Human sludge collection - Sludge treatment for producing fertilizer - Training
Practical Action Bangladesh/ Faridpur Municipality
Faridpur: Municipality
Environment/ Climate
Elderly Program (Duration: July, 2017 to Ongoing)
To ensure a dignified, poverty free, healthy, active, safe respectful social life for elderly section of our nation.
-Monthly old age allowance -Best father & son honorary award -Burial allowance -Old age cultural & indoor sports - Rehabilitation -Special support (Blanket, Umbrella, Walking stick, Wrapper, Wheel chair)
Faridpur: Boalmari
Gender, Social values & Wellbeing
Waste Management Project (Duration: Sep, 2017 to Ongoing)
To produce safe food for citizen by utilizing bio-fertilizer in agricultural activities produced from city and kitchen waste.
-Household and restaurant’s kitchen waste collection - Medical waste collection and proper disposal - Produce bio-fertilizer
Faridpur Municipality/PAB
Faridpur: Municipality
Environment/ Climate
Accelerating genetic gains in Rice alliance (AGGRi) (Duration: June, 2022 to Nov, 2022)
To expand new rice Variety through comparative production analysis and new technology adaptation and by linking DAE and other stakeholders
-Provided seed bed preparation technology -Demo on trial plot -Miller assessment -Training on Rice production, seed preservation - Farmer’s field day
Kushtia:Kumarkhali, Jhenaidah:Soilokupa, Magura:Shalikha, Fardipur:Boalmari
Agriculture( Crops)
Program for Adolescents (Duration: July, 2017 to Ongoing)
To ensure high moral values for adolescent boys and girls through their active participation in sports, culture, leadership, health& personal hygiene and social activities.
-Health awareness and Services - Leadership exercise -Education support - Social work -Sports and culture -Training and workshop -Club Meeting -Day Observation -Library work -Good work -Social wellbeing -Savings
Faridpur: Boalmari
Gender, Social values & Wellbeing
Integrating Small Holder Vegetable Cluster with The High-End Market. (Duration: June, 2022 to May, 2023)
The main objective of this intervention is to increase the capacity and knowledge of safe vegetable production system in producer level and marketing those production in high end market through buyback by implementer.
-Training on GAP Protocol, Traceability guideline and Documentation at Group level -ICT Base agricultural application development -Vegetable collection center - Vegetable sales outlet - IEC material development & distribution.
USAID/ Chemonics
Cox’s Bazar: Teknaf, Sadar, Ramu, Chakoria
Agriculture Value chain development (Vegetables & Flower), & Market Development
Safe vegetable production through Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Ecological Farming under SUSTAINABLE ENTERPRISE PROJECT (SEP) (Duration: June, 2021 to May, 2023)
Core To appropriate technologies for enhancing environmentally sustainable practices in micro-enterprises and to increase their branding and marketing capacity. Sub -To adapt Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for vegetable production by targeted micro enterprises -To promote supply of organic fertilizers, bio pesticides, and other agricultural inputs in the market. -To reduce post-harvest loses and promote waste management of vegetables -To ensure health safety of the farmer -To increase the availability of safe vegetables in the market
-Vermi-Compost/Trico-Compost production at entrepreneur level. -Safe vegetables sales shop. -Vegetable processing enterprise development. -Vegetable nursery development. -Environment friendly Agri input Business development. Non-Revenue generating physical Activities;
-Market development. -Demonstration of Ecological farming, integrated crop management, modern variety dissemination. -Soil testing facilities. -Website development
PKSF/World Bank
Faridpur: Modhukhali,Sadarpur,Charvodrason Jenaidah: Sadar,Soilkupa,Kaliganj
Agriculture Value Chain development ( Vegetable), Environment & Ecology, Enterprise Development
RMTP- Ecological Friendly Safe Vegetable Production and Marketing (Duration: Feb, 2022 to Jan, 2025)
-Increase income through technology of vegetable and related processed products to create independent farms and small entrepreneurs - Increased entrepreneurship in the production and marketing of processed products - New safe products marketing and job creation - Creation of employment and sustainable sector through local service market development of products -Increase women's participation in business
-Cobo(Software) data entry -Financial Management training -Session on Nutrition, Gender and Climate chain -Training on horticultural technology and Management -Training on ecology friendly sage vegetable production -Demo on Safe Vegetable(General) production -Demo on High Value vegetable cultivation
Faridpur: Faridpur Sadar, Boalmari, Rajabari: Rajbari Sador, Baliakandi
Agriculture Value chain development(Vegetables), Training & Technology transfer, Market Development.
RMTP-Safe Poultry and Poultry Products Market Development Value Chain (Duration: Sep, 2022 to Aug, 2025)
- Increasing accessibility of purebred poultry and quality livestock services -Information technology, financial services, waste recycling and market linkages
-Hands on training to Livestock Service Providers by Private Sectors. -Vaccination and De warming Campaign -Training to Poultry farm owners by Livestock Service Providers -Development of contact farming with following G.GAP practices and Development of Compost factory from poultry wastages. -Development of hygienic and Halal Chain Shop and small scale egg washing hub
Faridpur:Faridpur Sadar, Boalmari, Bhanga, Sadorpur, Charvardason.
Livestock Value chain development (Poultry), Training & Technology transfer, Market Development.
RMTP- Enhancing Income of Entrepreneurs through Production and Marketing of Oilseed (Duration: Aug, 2022 to July, 2023)
-Expansion of cultivation and production of high yielding varieties of mustard at the farmer level -Increasing cropping intensity in the project area by using unused land - Production and marketing of safe oil using cold well press technology - Achieving standards and product branding certification from BSTI
-Soil test -Demo on High yielding Variety mustard cultivation -Farmers Field day -Demo on Vermi compost -Entrepreneur development of Mustard oil producer -Mustard oil marketing, branding, promotion and certifications
Faridpur: Boalmari.
Oilseed Value chain development Training & Technology transfer, Market Development.
Delivery of bio-fortified zinc rice in Bangladesh (Duration: July, 2022 to Dec, 2022)
- Production expansion of zinc rice -Awareness building on zinc -Collaboration among all zinc rice value chain actors
-Field Demonstration -Nutrition training -Farmer’s training -TOT for SAAO -Linkage among Seed dealer, retailer, farmer and company.
Harvest Plus Bangladesh
Jhenaidah: Sadar & Kaligonj
Agriculture( Crops), Market Development
Facilitate Access to Livestock Finance by Smallholder Farmers for Increased Livestock Productivity and Marketing (Duration: July, 2022 to July, 2023)
To accelerate the adoption of customized livestock financial products by scaling up the existing products and introducing new and updated loan products to a large number of livestock farmers.
-Livestock Product Promotion (Demand Creation) - Farmers’ Training on Farm Management - Animal Health Camp - Up gradation Of ICT tools
Faridpur: Faridpur Sadar, Sadarpur, Nagarkanda, Chorvadrason, Boalmari, Modhukhali, Alfadanga Rajbari: Rajbari Sadar, Baliakandi Satkhira: Satkhira Sadar Jhenaidah: Jhenaidah Sadar Chuadanga: Chuadanga Alamdanga Meherpur: Meherpur Sadar Cox’s Bazaar: Chokoria Bandarban: Bandarban Sadar
Livestock, Training & Technology, Market Development, Access to Finance
Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) (Duration: Jan, 2021 to Dec, 2022)
To bring sustainable improvement to the lives of ultra-poor households
-Skill development training - IGA training - Monthly ration supply - Savings collection
Faridpur: Boalmari, Nagorkanda
Food security and social wellbeing
Recovery and Advancement of Informal Sector Employment (RAISE) (Duration: July, 2022 to June, 2027)
For increasing skill level of COVID-19 affected entrepreneurs and to rehabilitate business activities through offering technical and financial support.
-Training for COVID-19 affected small entrepreneurs -Apprenticeship training for youth from low income family - Professional skill development training - Financial support for COVID-19 affected SME
Faridpur: Sadar,Boalmari. Vanga, Nagorkanda,Sadarpur, Saltha,Charvodrason, Alfadanga, Modhukhali Rajbari: Sadar, Baliakandi,Kalukhali,Pangsa
COVID-19 affected SME rehabilitation, Market development