Micro-Finance program of SDC:

Micro-Finance program is the core of all programs/projects operated by SDC. This program is operated through 94 branches in 13 districts.

Jagoron (Rural Micro Credits & Beef fattening):

Credit program is the major and core program of SDC and from the very beginning it launched this program in small scale subsequently it received credit support from Palli Karma Sahayok Foundation (PKSF) in 1992. Since then, SDC has gradually expanded this program in view of absolutely alleviating the poverty of the rural poor and hard-core poor through resorting diversified small projects such as small business, nurseries, animal rearing, paddy husking, fish cultivation, bakery etc. The beneficiaries specially women are being empowered socially and financially through implementation of different IGA after receiving credit support. Now the total group member is 82916 and loan outstanding is Tk. 125.71 Crore.

Agrosor (Micro-enterprise Program):

Contemplating as a crucial program SDC has been implementing micro-enterprise program with technical and financial support of PKSF since 2004. Before this, SDC had operated this program in small scale among the advanced members of existing groups whose dealings was observed as good and who had also essential financial support in large scale for properly continuing their enterprises by its own initiative. After close observation and evaluation PKSF has given an approval to carry out this program and been providing financial support for commensurate implementation of this program. Now the total group member is 18282 and loan outstanding is Tk. 121.41 core.

Sufolon (Seasonal & Agriculture-Sector Loan Program):

SDC has been implementing the seasonal & Agriculture-sector loan program since September 2006 through the financial support of PKSF in a befitting manner. Through this program installment is being collected at a time after certain duration of 6 month. Loan duration is being calculated on the basis of crops duration. Presently there are 35770 thousand members in this program and outstanding of them 107.41 core Tk.

Buniad (Ultra Poor Micro-Credit Program): 

With the collaboration and financial support of PKSF, SDC has been executing the ultra-poor micro-credit program since 2005. The main thrust of the program is to bring the ultra-poor people under micro- credit program and to develop their livelihood status through implementation of different need-based income-generating activities. SDC is administering the ultra-poor micro-credit program in a befitting manner and with much reputation following a modified and specific credit policy through 6 branch offices. Special monitoring and follow up is being done in view of quality implementation of the program. Now the total group member is 17930 and loan outstanding is Tk. 14.78 core.

ENRICH (Credit Program):  

With the collaboration and financial support of PKSF, SDC has been executing the ENRICH credit program since 2012. The main objective of the program is to bring the beneficiaries of the project under categorical (ENRICH-IGA, ENRICH-LI, ENRICH-AC) credit and technical support to uplift their living status to develop their livelihood. Now the total group member is 1156 and loan outstanding is Tk.8.03 core.


This loan product is firstly introduced to restore and reinstallation of the   livelihood of COVID-19 effected poor sector of our country. Number of beneficiaries is 3474 and loan outstanding is 7.39 crore.

Microenterprise Development Program (MDP):   MDP is a specialized loan component. This newly launched loan product covers 955 members with loan outstanding BDT 7.56 crore.