Society Development Committee (SDC)


Education Program:

Enrich School (Education Support Center): 

With financial and technical assistance of Palli Karma Shahyaok Foundation (PKSF) Society Development Committee (SDC) has been implementing School program since 2010 for decreasing the drop out ratio of the primary level student in Satoir union of Boalmari upazila under Faridpur district. These schools ensure primary students to be engaged to educational practices after returning from their formal classrooms. Presently SDC has been operating 42 schools (Pre-Preprimary and Grade-2) in 28 villages of Shatoir union. The number of students of this program is 1066 (Boy-517, Girl-549).

Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Households towards Elimination of their Poverty (ENRICH):

With the collaboration and financial support of PKSF, SDC has been executing the ENRICH Program since July, 2010. The ENRICH is a new poverty eradication approach seeking to empower households participating in the program to work effectively to reduce their poverty on a sustained basis towards its elimination; enable them in the process to secure improved health and nutritional status; help and create mechanism for them to work with relevant institutions and larger communities for effectively preparing for responses to natural disasters; and  put in place a new and effective method of GO-NGO collaboration for comprehensive development. By working with selected households in association with the local government and committed stakeholders, ENRICH catalyzes the households’ efforts to lift them out of poverty. The overall goal of the program is to ensure human dignity and freedom by gradually reducing poverty in a sustainable manner, towards total elimination at the household and community level in Satoir union. By nurturing the skills potential of poor households, ENRICH encourages and assists them in changing to their economic status. Access to appropriate technology, as well as access to health and education services, will ensure increase in productivity, allowing them optimize returns from market operations. It is crucial for the success of this program that the households themselves are eager and willing to pave the road to their development, a task which requires time, hard work and patience. Their commitment coupled with their collaboration with Society Development Committee (SDC) and a feature unique to ENRICH, will ensure the success of their endeavors. Today ENRICH has already been established in Satoir union by Society Development Committee (SDC), and continues to expand it outreach.


ENRICH is a program conducted at the grassroots level focusing for overall household development of the poor based on a ‘One Union One PO’ principle. The program targets poor families, working with them to enhance and maximize the utilization of their resources and skills. ENRICH aims to alleviate poverty not only through income generation but through a holistic approach targeting other crucial aspects of human life including health, education, youth development, community development, etc, the goal being sustainable development driven by the people themselves.

Working Area              : Satoir union in Boalmari upozila under Faridpur District.

Targeted Household   :  5513 (Present Household – 7142)

Targeted Village         :  28

Targeted Members      :  32594

Vulnerable Group Development (VGD):

VGD program is the largest social safety net program of the government of Bangladesh that exclusively targets ultra-poor households. The aim of this project is to improve the socio-economic status of women who are poor, distressed, disadvantaged and not directly connecting to regular income for family. SDC has successfully executed this program with 2057 women at 13 unions of Magura Sadar upazila under Magura district in the year 2010-12.  Again in 2015 SDC has started implementing VGD Program in association with GOB for 2263 women at 19 unions of Sariatpur Sadar and Goshair hat upazila under Sariatpur district. In the 2018-19-year cycle SDC worked with   2136   women in boalmari upazila of Faridpur. Presently SDc is working with 1947women in Sadar upazila of Rajbari District. For the year 2021-2022 cycle SDC has been implementing VGD at Boalmari and Nogorkanda Upazila in Faridpur district with a number of 2596 women.

Agent Banking with Bank Asia Bangladesh:

SDC is working as an agent of Bank Asia’s agent banking model. It a unique Agent Banking model with technology based banking concept ensuring appropriate security with real-time banking for customers. Agents Booths are distinctly branded with Bank Asia Agent Banking logo to provide products and Services of Bank Asia.

Compost Research and Training Center (CRTC):

CRTC is an integrated waste management project, jointly supported by Practical Action Bangladesh and Faridpur Municipality, funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and UKAID. SDC has been assigned to take over the operating authority of the project for five years (2016-2021). SDC is operating this compost facility on the basis of a new agreement with donors. The project aims to accelerate waste management by producing bio-fertilizer using human sludge and homestead wastage. 

Elderly Program of PKSF:

SDC with the technical and financial support of PKSF has been executing the “Elderly Program” following the National Elderly Policy2013 of Govt. since 01 July 2017 at Satoir union of Boalmari Upazila under Faridpur district. The principal objective of the program is to ensure a dignified, poverty-free, healthy, active, and safe social life for an elderly section of our nation. By the end of June 2022, SDC has provided support of monthly allowance to 85 persons, the funeral costs for 193 persons, 25 best father awards, and 16 best child awards. International elder day and international anti-corruption day have been observed through this project. SDC through this project has also provided BDT1560,000 to 52 elders for income-generating activities. Besides, a tea stall has been established for a homeless elder through the project.

Waste Management Program: 

SDC has been executing Waste Management Program as the technical partner of Faridpur Municipality and Practical Action Bangladesh in Faridpur Municipality since 2017.SDC is working to address issues concerning the environment and health as a part of its agenda. The project aims to produce safe food for citizens by utilizing bio-fertilizer in agricultural activities produced from city and kitchen waste of about 8450 HH and 17 restaurants with 84 hospitals & clinics

Programme for Adolescents:

SDC has been implementing the “Programme for Adolescents” with the technical and financial support of the Palli Karma Shahayak Foundation (PKSF) since 2019 at Satoir union under Boalmari Upazila of Faridpur District. The project focuses on sensitization, life skill development, values, leadership, health & nutrition, sports & culture of adolescents to contribute to strengthening the basics of sustainable development. During this reporting year, a total number of 1410 adolescents were trained by groups on leadership, personal hygiene, and values. No. of 05 cultural, sports, social hygiene, and debate programs have been organized by these adolescent clubs.

Strengthening Resilience of Livestock Farmers through Risk Reducing Services:

SDC has been operating “Strengthening Resilience of Livestock Farmers through Risk Reducing Services” with the technical and financial support of Palli Karma Shahayak Foundation (PKSF) in Faridpur since August 2020. This project focuses on cattle health service, cattle insurance coverage, and scaling up cattle farming and business by providing subjective technical training and arranging health& vaccination camps for 25000 beneficiaries and their livestock. This service also neutralizes risk factors for giving credit support to cattle businesses.

Increasing vegetable farmer’s income by introducing organic fertilizer produced from urban waste, sub project of  (PACE):

SDC has been operating “Increasing vegetable farmer’s income by introducing organic fertilizer produced from urban waste, sub-project of (PACE)” with the technical and financial support of Palli Karma Shahayak Foundation (PKSF) in Faridpur since 2019. The principal aim of the project is to enhance safe vegetable production by using bio-fertilizer and establishing a channelized marketing system for securing better profit. SDC through the project; worked on farmer’s group formation, capacity building training for vegetable production of farmers, field demonstration of high valued vegetables & regular vegetables, demonstration of vermin compost, and sales point establishment of produced safe vegetables for 6000 vegetable farmers.

Increasing entrepreneurs’ income through Cultivation and marketing of high value

Spices following improved technique’ value chain project:

SDC has been operating ” Increasing entrepreneurs’ income through Cultivation and marketing of high-value spices following improved technique’ value chain project, sub-project of (PACE)” with the technical and financial support of Palli Karma Shahayak Foundation (PKSF) in Faridpur since Sep 2020. The principal aim of the project is to enhance spices production and establish a channelized marketing system for securing better profit. SDC through the project; working on farmer’s group formation, and capacity building training for spices production of 2500 farmers.

Commercialization of Bio-fortified Crops (CBC) :

SDC with the technical and financial assistance of IFFRI and Harvest plus Bangladesh, has been executing the “Commercialization of Bio-fortified Crops (CBC)” project for establishing an ensured zinc rice market. The project focuses on Value chain development, promotional goods distribution, establishing sales and purchase points, and promotional activities in Faridpur, Rajbari & Gopalganj districts. This project also emphasizes on sustainable and profitable zinc rice business, business for all value chain actors, demand creation of zinc rice, and zinc rice supply chain establishment for 900 direct and approximately 20000 indirect zinc rice farmers.

Accelerating Genetic Gains in Rice Alliance (AGGRi):

With the financial and technical support of IRRI, SDC has been operating the research work through the project titled “Accelerating Genetic Gains in Rice Alliance (AGGRi)” in Faridpur, Magura, and Kustia Districts. The project aims to improve the quality and production of rice cultivation through data collection & analysis, farmer’s field day, seed distribution, and tricot trails with 100 rice demonstration farmers.

Sustainable Enterprise Project (SEP):

SDC has been operating PKSF’s Sustainable Enterprise Project (SEP), financed by the World Bank to provide assistance to micro-enterprises (MEs) of Sadarpur and Sadar Upazilas under Faridpur district and Jenaidah districts for increasing adoption of environment-friendly technologies and enhance marketing and brand development capacity. The principal objective of the project is to increase the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices by targeted microenterprises through obtained knowledge acquired from technical training provided by SDC. SDC is working in the vegetable sector with a number of 2000 vegetable producers and entrepreneurs. 

Delivery and Marketing of Zinc Rice in Bangladesh:

SDC has been operating “Delivery of High Zinc Rice in Bangladesh” project with the technical and financial support of Harvest Plus Bangladesh for reducing zinc deficiency in the human body through consuming zinc-enriched rice since Nov 2013. Presently SDC through the project; working with 500 direct and 15000 indirect farmers at Sadar and Kaliganj Upazilas under Jhenaidah district. The project aims to work on the production expansion of zinc rice, and awareness building on zinc rice consumption through farmers’ group formation, orientation, workshop & training for seed dealers, lead farmers, rice aggregators, and rice millers to ensure linkages and collaboration with local value chain actors to change attitudes of consuming zinc rice and the delivery channel of bio-fortified seed and rice.

RMTP- Ecological Friendly Safe Vegetable Production and Marketing:

With the technical and financial support of PKSF and IFAD, SDC has been operating the “Ecological Friendly Safe Vegetable Production and Marketing” project for the duration of Feb 2022 to Jan 2025 at Sadar & Boalmari Upazilas of Faridpur districts and Sadar & Baliakandi Upazilas of Rajbari district. The project is working with 10000 vegetable farmers to increase their income entrepreneurship.

RMTP-Safe Poultry and Poultry Products Market Development Value Chain:

SDC has started operating “Safe Poultry and Poultry Products Market Development Value Chain”, a three years project (Sep 2022 to Aug 2025), financially and technically supported by both PKSF& IFAD. This project focuses on the objectives 1) Increasing accessibility of purebred poultry and quality livestock services 2) Information technology, financial services, waste recycling, and market linkages. SDC is implementing designed activities at Faridpur Sadar, Boalmari, Bhanga, Sadorpur, and Charvardason Upazilas of FAridpur district among 10000 poultry farmers. The project is expected to achieve objectives by organizing training both hands-on and technical, vaccination and De-worming camps for poultry farmers and by developing contact farming following G.GAP practices and development of compost factory from poultry wastages with the establishment of hygienic and Halal Chain Shop and small scale egg washing hub.